A Fresh Coat Of Paint Provides A Completely New Look

For clients who are looking for quick and easy updates to their home or commercial building, a fresh coat of paint can be make a huge impact. It can also boost curb appeal for those looking to sell their property.

Our Professional Painting Contractors Can Help You Make Your Space Come To Life

Our team of professional painting contractors excel at their jobs, making us one of the go-to companies in Vancouver, BC. We take on projects of any size and for any space. If you’re looking for interior wall painting or updating the color of your cabinetry, we can help you to narrow down the best color choice so that you’re sure to be happy with the final results. Our clients all have widely different preferences when it comes to the interior space—from deep, rich colors that make the space more comfortable, to light colors to open it up, bring in more natural light, and make a smaller space feel larger than it really is.

We Take Pride In Perfection

We’ll use this expertise to help guide you in home painting color choices if you haven’t chosen one already, but if you have chosen the color, we can get right to work. Our team employs project management tools to make sure that each step of the project is completed on time so that we’re out of your hair before you know it. We also handle the full cleanup and make sure all of the nooks and crannies are perfectly painted so that no part of our work will drive you crazy once we’ve packed up and left.


Exterior Paint

We also handle exterior paint for our residential and commercial clients, helping to choose the best color and type of paint for your exterior needs. Exterior house colors can be tricky, especially when you want your home to stand out from others on the block—but not in the wrong way. We have swatches in every color and style, and our painting contractors have seen just about all of them on the finished product, so we know what works, what clients love, and how the paint will hold up over time in Vancouver’s climate. There are a wide range of outdoor paint options available, which can sometimes be overwhelming, but we’ll help take the hard work out of the equation so all you have to do is settle on the color you’ll see every day.

Our Painting Services

Our team is qualified to use airless spray or industrial coating techniques, but our services don’t stop there. We handle ceiling and wood finishing, stain and varnish, stucco repair, clear sealants and epoxy finishes, as well as caulking, plastering, and power washing.


Got a Vision?

We offer consultations with our design experts. We will walk you through your various options for your painting designs and provide access to our virtual and visual aids to assist you in envisioning your new space. Step by step through the whole process we’re there for you to make sure you have a end product you can be proud of for years to come.

Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

Home painting doesn’t have to be a pain, even if you’re interested in deck paint or cement paint for your basement floors. House painting can be tedious and frustrating work for residents to tackle on their own, so bringing in help can make the process as easy as a single phone call and setting an appointment to get the work completed.